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If three or more of the following apply to you, you should consult a bankruptcy attorney now. If five or more apply to you, you should probably have seen one months ago!

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______ My debt is over $5,000.00 not including my house and car
______ I am frequently late on payments
______ I use credit cards for necessities, like food and clothing
______ I am thinking about getting a consolidation loan
______ I am getting phone calls from collection agents
______ I make only minimum monthly payments on credit cards
______ Payments are more than 1 month behind to multiple creditors
______ I pay 20% interest or more on credit cards
______ I frequently take cash advances
______ I am getting sued by someone
______ I am robbing "Peter to pay Paul"
______ I have been turned down for more credit
______ My drivers license is suspended because of surcharges
______ I can't afford auto insurance
______ My mortgage or rent payments are always late or are currently behind
______ I am getting divorced and have too many bills to pay
______ My pay is being garnished by a creditor
______ I have large medical bills that are not covered by insurance
______ I owe income taxes that I can't currently pay
______ I have no savings
______ I have taken large loans against my retirement account to pay bills
______ I don't open the mail anymore because I can't pay the bills
______ I can't sleep at night because of my financial problems
______ I have recently been laid off and don't know when I'll return to work
______ I have borrowed money form family members to pay bills
______ I have returned a vehicle before the term was up and now have a large deficiency claim from the creditor