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Factors Considered by Mortgage Companies When Deciding Whether to Modify Your Mortgage Under HAMP

I have discussed in a previous post the eligibility requirements for a loan modification under the HAMP program, now I would like to give you some idea how the mortgage company will determine if you will be offered a modification.  We will use the same example that we used in the previous post, you have […]

The Foreclosure Moratorium in New Jersey Has Given Homeowners a False Sense of Security

Late in 2010, the New Jersey Supreme Court had issued a moratorium on foreclosure filings in New Jersey by six of the largest banks, including GMAC, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, City Bank and West One. The ban on filings was due to these banks using robo-signing of documents causing illegal foreclosure […]

Bankruptcy May Be Your Smartest Investment and Quickest Way Back to Financial Health

Fear of the unknown, pride, uncertainty, misinformation, stubbornness, distraction, and cash flow are just some of the reasons that keep people from getting their financial life  in order with a bankruptcy filing.  The problem is that without it you may never be able to gain control of your pocketbook. Making the choice to do nothing […]

Do You qualify for a Loan Modification Under HAMP

Everyone it seems is attempting to get a loan modification these days. Anyone that has attempted to modify their mortgage knows that the process can be extremely frustrating. One way to make it somewhat less frustrating is to make sure that you qualify under the HAMP guidelines before you bother applying or retaining an attorney to apply […]

What is the First Meeting of Creditors?

Another frequent question I get from clients is–if I file a bankruptcy do I have to appear in Court?  Well the answer is sort of.  You may have to go to the Courthouse, but you will not be appearing in front of a Judge in a court room.  You will have to appear at what […]

What Kind of Paperwork Your Bankrutpcy Attorney Needs to Start the Process

One of the biggest hurdles we have in getting our clients cases filed is that our clients take a long time to gather their paperwork needed to complete their bankruptcy petition. Since the  Reform Act of 2005 was enacted a bankruptcy practitioner’s need to gather and keep in his file a large amount of paperwork […]

Short Sales, Possible Tax Consequences and Bankruptcy

Given the state of the real estate market and the large mortgage debt that many people find themselves in, many of my clients find themselves upside down on their residences.  One of the questions I get asked most often by my clients is whether or not they should move forward with a short sale on […]