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Bankruptcy Myths Debunked, Part 3

6.) I can only file for Bankruptcy with my Spouse.   Again not true!  Over the years, we have had more than a few situations where one spouse or the other just refused to file. There are also situations where one spouse does not need to file, because all of the debt is in the name […]

Bankruptcy Myths Debunked, Part 2

In continuation of my last post, here are additional statements that I hear clients say all the time, that are just not true: 3) I can’t file a Bankruptcy, I feel obligated to pay my creditors back:  That’s great that you feel the need to pay your creditors back, and guess what the filing of […]

Common Bankruptcy Myths Debunked

I have been a consumer bankruptcy attorney for over 23 years and during that time I have heard all kinds of unfounded fears that my clients had about Bankruptcy.  Most of these fears or concerns came from misinformation that my clients received from friends, family or business associates. But there is also a lot of […]

Bankruptcy Fears and Famous People that Have Filed Bankruptcy

Here is a partial list of some famous people that have filed bankruptcy. I wanted to add this list here to hopefully alleviate some of the fear, shame or embarrassment issues that you may have when you are considering filing for bankruptcy. I have been practicing Bankruptcy law for over 23 years and in that […]

Should Student Loans Be Dischargeable in Bankruptcy

The Below article appeared recently in the Wall Street Journal. When I first became a lawyer, my first job was as the Staff Attorney for the Standing Chapter 13 Trustee in the Trenton and Camden vicinages. At that time student loan debt was dischargeable provided that you had made seven years worth of payments on […]